Living nearby the Mohican and Kokosing Rivers, located in the heart of Mohican Country Ohio's great vacation region, we have been kayaking down these rivers for years. We have had so much fun and seen so many beautiful things that we decided we wanted to share these wonderful experiences with others.

We started Valley Kayak Rentals so we could show you, your family and friends the same great outdoor experiences that we have enjoyed. We have personally taken every trip we offer so we can match a trip for any level from beginner to experienced kayakers.

We will work with you to customize a trip for a great kayaking experience. We have many types of kayaks and can match you and/or your group to the right fit or type of kayak you want. So come join us for another fun year!

An assortment

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  • We are insured & a registered livery with the State of Ohio.
  • Group rates available for Trips of 8 or more people.
  • We offer 12', 10.5' & 9.5' foot kayaks, Children's kayaks, Sit in & sit on top kayaks, Single and Double kayaks

Mohican River Trips

Distance Time From - To Site Price
7 mile 3 hours Site B to C $23.00 per person
11 mile 6 hours Site A to B $30.00 per person
16 mile 9 hours Site A to C $38.00 per person
28 mile Overnight Site A to D $65.00 per person


Kokosing River Trips

Distance Time From - To Site Price
6 mile 3 hours Site 7 to 8 $30.00 per person
9 mile 4.5 hours Site 7 to 9 $35.00 per person
12 mile 6 hours Site 6 to 9 $40.00 per person

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